Book on Forests and Global Change

David and Will’s [and David Burslem‘s] edited volume Forests and Global Change now has a launch date and new website.

Featuring 15 invited contributions from the leading figures in forest ecology, the chapters build on plenary talks given at a British Ecological Society symposium of the same name that was held in Cambridge in 2011.

The book consists of three overarching themes:

(I) forest dynamics and global change;
(II) species traits and responses to changing resource availability;
(III) detecting and modelling global change;

and is published by Cambridge University Press as part of the influential Ecological Reviews series.

Having missed the meeting due to being in the depths of New Zealand, I’m looking forward to reading the book.  A quick read of the introductory material (freely available on the Cambridge University Press website) suggests that it aims to nurture an appreciation of the multiple drivers of forest change and inspire action for conservation.   It does so by bringing together individuals working at the forefront of the field with “big” datasets in vegetation monitoring and bioinformatics, new ecophysiological approaches, and computational advances in modelling and remote sensing.


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